Our goal at Kooxl is to replace your drivers on payroll and reduce that liability.  We do this by not getting involved in the ordering, so just take orders the way you normally would.  Simply notify us when an order comes in thru our website or app and let us handle the rest.  If you do not do delivery but would like to this is the best option as we allow you to accept any format of ordering, allowing you to maximize all the various online ordering companies including phone orders.

When issues arise we try our hardest to make it a smooth fix with our Support staff on hand to handle those issues coordinating between you and the drivers.  In most cases, talking directly with the driver will speed up resolving issues and you will always be able to contact the driver while they are enroute.  Your customers get a text message notifying them when the order is headed their way.  You can always track the delivery in real time and so can your customers through a link attached in the text they recieve.