Kooxl is a breakthrough opportunity for restaurants to deliver their food and save on costs.

Here is how we are different than all the other delivery companies like UberEats or Grubhub:

  1. We do NOT facilitate the order, we simply deliver it.  Whether your customer orders by phone or online you simply and quickly notify us through an app and a driver shows up at your designated time.
  2. By using Kooxl, we remove all your needs to have drivers on staff saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars per week in wages.
  3. By not having drivers on staff you also remove the insurance and liability requirements.
  4. Considering we are also cheaper than most other delivery platforms and we replace your drivers the benefits compound themselves.

Other delivery platforms that have customers order through them have the end user in mind when building their platform.  With Kooxl we put the restaurant first as the founders are former restaurant owners themselves!

  • Please note our locations to see if Kooxl delivery is available in your area, although you may still sign up to indicate you wish to have us in your area.